Kitchen Scrap Attack

Times are tough! One must get creative and boy do we have a trick up our sleeves. Did you know you can regrow food from scraps? According to #foodrevolution, you can do just that. Everything from carrot greens to cabbage, ginger and more. Now we’re not going to sugar coat it! You haven’t hit the jackpot, you will need to keep buying your fruit and veg but you might get a nice wee garnish out of it and something to kill the time.

Not keen but still have scraps? Why not try our back up option, veggie broth.

Essentially you:

1. Pop all your scraps in an icecream container within the freezer.

2. Once you have enough brought that bad boil out

3. Boil the sht out of it

4. Cool 

5. Strain and store. 

It will last about a week or longer if you put back in the trusty freezer (god we love freezers).

This is a great base for soups  (or anything that would ordinarily require vegetable stock)……