Queer Friendly Staff Network

This is a group of staff who have completed the Queer101 workshop with OUSA Queer Support in order to increase their knowledge of the queer community. They have then been interviewed individually to ensure they are in fact queer-friendly before they are admitted to the Queer Friendly Staff Network. These staff members can be great to talk to if you are having issues around inappropriate behavior within your department or can also be a friendly person to talk to about anything.

While we like to think that all members of the University and Departments are safe to approach, being on this list can add extra assurance to students that they have been met by Queer Support. Check down below to see who has been trained within your department and if you can’t find anyone there then you may want to ask your departmental head to get their staff some training! Check out our training and workshops page!

AnatomyEllie Stevensellie.stevens@otago.ac.nz
Career DevelopmentJackie Deanjackie.dean@otago.ac.nz
College of EducationKaren Nairnkaren.nairn@otago.ac.nz
EcologyAnna Woodanna.wood@otago.ac.nz
English and Linguistics Dave Ciccoriccodave.ciccoricco@otago.ac.nz
Faculty of LawSelene Mizeselene.mize@otago.ac.nz
Faculty of LawMarcelo Rodriguez Ferreremarcelo.rodriguez.ferrere@otago.ac.nz
Faculty of LawAnna Highanna.high@otago.ac.nz
Media, Film and CommunicationDr Rosemary Overallrosemary.overell@otago.ac.nz
GeneticsElaine Emmersonelaine.emmerson@otago.ac.nz
Health Science ProgrammeJo Oranjejo.oranje@otago.ac.nz
Humanities Divisional OfficeLeslie Turnerleslie.turner@otago.ac.nz
Human ResourcesLindsay Robertsonlindsay.robertson@otago.ac.nz
International OfficeLouisa Samsonlouisa.samson@otago.ac.nz
International OfficeSimone Freemansimone.freeman@otago.ac.nz
Marine ScienceProfessor Abby Smithabby.smith@otago.ac.nz
Medical SchoolRachel Lissaminrachel.lissaman@otago.ac.nz
Office of SustainabilityValmai Bilsborough-Yorkvalmai.bilsborough-york@otago.ac.nz
Otago Polytechnic – Midwifery Kerrie WilsonKerrie.Wilson@op.ac.nz
OUSADonna Jonesdonna@ousa.org.nz
PharmacyAynsley Petersonaynsley.peterson@otago.ac.nz 
Physiology (HUBS)Denise Conedenise.cone@otago.ac.nz
PhysiologyRachel Wallacerachel.wallace@otago.ac.nz
PoliticsProf Janine Haywardjanine.hayward@otago.ac.nz  
PsychologyKristin Hillmankristin.hillman@otago.ac.nz
PsychologyLindsay Robertsonlindsay@psy.otago.ac.nz
Radio 1Tom Tremewantom@r1.co.nz
Student AdministrationRebecca Mhyrerebecca.mhyre@otago.ac.nz
St Margaret’s’ CollegeGeorge Connollygeorge.connolly@stmargarets.college
Strategy, Analytics and Reporting OfficeJulie Dlaskovajulie.dlaskova@otago.ac.nz
Student Health – DoctorJenny Ogilvyjenny.ogilvy@otago.ac.nz
Student Health – Mental Health TeamAmber Kalinowskiamber.kalinowski@otago.ac.nz
Student Health – Mental Health TeamSam Flannerysam.flannery@otago.ac.nz
Student Health – Mental Health TeamLauren Redshawlauren.redshaw@otago.ac.nz
Student Health – Mental Health TeamDanielle O’Briendanielle.obrien@otago.ac.nz
Student Health – Mental Health TeamCarolyn Walkercarolyn.walker@otago.ac.nz
Student Health – NurseLibby Reidlibby.reid@otago.ac.nz
SurveyingChristina Hulbechristina.hulbe@otago.ac.nz
Toroa CollegeChristina Watson-Millschristina.mills@otago.ac.nz
ZoologyNikita Woodheadnikit+A9:C40a.woodhead@otago.ac.nz