Creating a good study space

Here are some ideas and tips to creating a productive study environment.
  1. Remove any distractions (phone, social media blocker on your laptop etc.) 
  2. Have everything you will need to study (textbooks, notes, pens, laptop etc.) 
  3. Remember to set breaks and take them 
  4. Try and study in a place with natural lighting i.e. near a window OR have a desk lamp for better lighting on dark days and in the evening 
  5. Be organised: make sure all your notes are organised  before you sit down to study, if you have a mix of digital and paper notes make sure you format them the same so it is easier to interpret later on. 
  6. Sound: Try and reduce distractions and play music that doesn’t take your attention away from what you are working on. 
  7. Continuity: try and study in the same place, this will help you get into the right frame of mind quicker.
  8. Get comfortable, but not too comfortable 
  9. Prepare some snacks before you start studying. 
  10. Keep positive!

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