We are the experts on everything flatting related and we want you to be too. Your university flatting days will be some of the best days of your life. Your flat will probably be the setting for some of the most profound life lessons you’ll receive during your student years. Despite your best efforts to avoid some of the pitfalls of sharing a living space with others, you may also experience some of the darker sides of flatting. We believe everyone should know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to renting. The information included in this section has been put together to guide you through all of your flatting decisions, from budgeting tips to flatmate navigation to tenancy rights. All of it is important, and trust us, we’ve been there before.

When you encounter flatting hiccups along the way, you are not alone, even though at times you may feel like it. You can always access support and guidance from the team at OUSA Student Support. We’re a diverse group of experienced and devoted individuals supporting students through just about anything life throws at them. When you need someone to lean on or have a few questions about anything that’s troubling you, get in touch or stop by and see us at 5 Ethel Benjamin Place.

Flatting is a wild ride, and for better or for worse, Student Support will be by your side.