Flatmate Personality Quiz

Are you a dream housemate or a nightmare to live with? Take our (not scientifically proven) Flatmate Personality Quiz and reveal what kind of flatmate you, and those living with you, are!

You see a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. You:

  1. Message the flattie responsible to remind them to do them asap
  2. Put them in the bin and see if anyone notices 
  3. Leave a passive aggressive post-it note
  4. Remember that they’re actually your dishes from last night
  5. Wash them yourself
  6. Leave them there

You’re cooking for your flat, what do you cook?

  1. Pasta, always a classic
  2. Cereal, it’s good enough
  3. Steak, we’re living the high life
  4. Buy a pizza, hide in your room until it arrives
  5. Vegan burgers, we’re earth-conscious here
  6. Nachos, a cheap flat-favourite 

How do you rate your cleaning skills?

  1. Pretty good
  2. Even my filth is filthy
  3. Squeaky clean, always
  4. Great in common areas, awful in your room
  5. I’m literally a professional cleaner
  6. Okay I guess

You left your clothes in the washing machine and a flatmate asks you to do something with them. Do you…

  1. Offer them the machine and ask them to put your clothes back in your bin
  2. Leave them there – they can do something with them if they want the machine
  3. Remind your flatmate it’s not their day to use the washing machine
  4. Leave them on read
  5. Get your clothes immediately
  6. Tell them they can just put them on the floor

Your flatmate is on the phone with their parents. Do you…

  1. Say, ‘Hi Mum and Dad, we’re still on for dinner right?’
  2. Shout, ‘Pass me the weed!’
  3. Say, ‘Hi’, awkwardly
  4. Back…away…slowly
  5. Carry on normally, trying not to make too much noise or interrupt
  6. ‘Aye yo Kev, Mandy, long time no see!’

Your flatmate is having a hard time emotionally, you…

  1. Contact OUSA Student Support for advice
  2. Ignore it, it’s a them problem, not a you problem
  3. Immediately offer solutions
  4. Drop them some food into their room. Food fixes everything right? 
  5. Listen to them and be supportive
  6. Don’t know them very well so mention it to someone close to them

You don’t get along with one of your flatmates. How do you fix the situation?

  1. Ask if they want to go have a coffee to chat about what’s going on and talk it out
  2. Scream in their face because it’s always their fault
  3. Send a passive-aggressive message in the flat chat to call a flat meeting
  4. Move out immediately
  5. Try to talk to them and work things out
  6. Leave a note

One of your flatmates comes out to you as being a part of the rainbow community, you…

  1. Bake them a cake
  2. Give them a high-five
  3. Thank them for trusting you
  4. Paint all the walls rainbow colours
  5. Ask them if anyone else at the flat knows, and ask if they want any support
  6. Treat them as the same person because it doesn’t define all of who they are

Your money is a bit tight and you can’t afford to pay rent this week. What do you do?

  1. Work some extra shifts
  2. Don’t pay rent. No one will even notice
  3. Talk to your flatmates to explain the situation and make a plan
  4. Find money however possible to avoid confrontation
  5. Ask family for some money
  6. Ask OUSA Student Support for advice

Your flat is hosting a party and one of your flatmates has an exam in the morning, do you…

  1. Turn the music down
  2. Party all night, they can study somewhere else
  3. Talk to your flatmates and see what they need
  4. My kind of party is pizza and Netflix in bed, it won’t affect them
  5. Stop the party early so they can sleep
  6. Rally your mates and head to town instead

Now, tally up your answers and read below to see what your flatmate personality is.

Mostly 1’s – The Ideal Flatmate

You make living with you pretty easy. Cleaning? You’re pretty good at it. Money? Automatic payments set up and ready to go. Cooking? Not too shabby, or at least willing to help out and learn a thing or two. You are generally an all-round good person to live with, and the type of flatmate everyone hopes their best friend will be. While we wish it was different, it is rare that all of your flatmates are The Ideal Flatmate. 

Mostly 2’s – The Resident Dickhead

Your dishes are permanently covered in mould and it would never occur to you to help out with the clean-up after a party. Why aren’t you helping out? Well, you’re too busy playing on your PS4 and scoffing last night’s leftover pizza or watching Netflix in bed at 4am at full volume. The smell emitting from your bedroom is overwhelming and you’re also responsible for pretty much every stain on the carpet. You’re a good person, just a little rough around the edges is all. Try being a little bit more mindful and consider the other people you live with. And wash your underwear, we can smell them from here.

Mostly 3’s – The Control Freak

You’ll already have detailed spreadsheets on everyone’s shower usage, cleaning responsibilities and weekly butter consumption, and you won’t be afraid to call out others when you think they’re out of line. You’ll also be the one leaving those annoying passive-aggressive notes everywhere, informing others which shelf the cheese goes on (second from the top, duh) and the precise temperature that the heat pump and heaters should be at. We know you are well-intentioned and genuinely trying to make the flat a place everyone can enjoy. But try to lighten up from time to time. Maybe spend some time with The Resident Dickhead?

Mostly 4’s – The Phantom Menace

You’re the flatmate that is never around. Are you in your room? Who knows. In the library? Maybe. Have you moved out? They don’t think so. Your flatmates never hear you, you never message the flat group chat and you never seem to be in the kitchen. You were pretty much last seen when the whole flat moved in during O-Week. But hey, the rent’s still coming in, so I guess we know you’re alive. Maybe try to connect with one of your flatmates and meet for a coffee at the kitchen, or send a GIF to the chat every once and a while. GIFs are funny and relatable, right? 

Mostly 5’s – The Flat Mum

Dishes need washing? You’ll just do them yourself. Clothes in the washing machine? Folding these won’t take you too long. Flatmate crying? You have chocolate, tissues and Netflix set up in the next room. Torn trousers? Sewing kit under the bed. We know you can’t help but support those around you, but remember that you are important too. If something is too much for you to handle, talk to your flatmates and be sure to take care of yourself. And remember: no amount of healthy houseplants can heal your unresolved internal trauma. Sit down with The Ideal Flatmate and let it out once and a while, you deserve it! 

Mostly 6’s – The Drama Free Flatmate

Living  with you is drama-free, for the most part. While you like to keep the peace and generally keep the Flat Mum on your side, there can be great and less great things about being the drama-free flatmate. You’re not a bad person, you just “don’t notice” the mould in the bathroom or the rotting courgette in the fridge.  You take a pretty chill approach to the chores and will totally do your share and what you’re told, even if it’s not done immediately. Making decisions about anything can be hard while trying not to cause any disagreements, but let’s be honest here, you have an opinion and what you think matters too.