What We Do


Study can be tough sometimes, but you don’t have to trudge through it alone. Under the Study tab we have some info, tips and resources to help your studying go as smoothly as possible.

We can help across anything academic including (but not limited to); special consideration process, course concerns, academic misconduct (including plagiarism), withdrawals, deferrals and placement concerns.

Please get in touch if you need any assistance or advocacy for any academic processes.

OUSA Student Support also runs the Class Reps system – please see Class Reps from the drop-down menu for more information about this.


Living away from home for the first time can have big changes on the way you eat. The Student Support Hub has an abundance of resources to help you out in this part of life including meal plans and recipes.

The OUSA Food Bank is available to students who are facing hardship and unable to acquire groceries. Students may request a couple of food bags per semester. Recipes for meals that can be made from the food bag ingredients are also available in the Wellbeing section of the Hub.


Relationships can be complicated and they occur in a multitude of contexts. Whether you are having issues with a romantic relationship, flatting relationships, friendships, family relationships, group assignments, professional relationships, and conflict management in general, we can help you through this.

Please get in touch to book an appointment to discuss your situation and go over your options.


If you ever find yourself at a disadvantage or need to be better informed, we are here to help. 

Our team can assist you in dealing with; Proctor’s Office matters, making an ethical behaviour complaint, assistance with mediation/conflict resolution, consumer guarantees issues, the Leave to Appeal process and generally anything you can throw at us! 

Please get in touch to discuss these, and any other potential advocacy assistance you seek support with.


We understand that it’s tough living on a student income, especially when unexpected circumstances throw your budget out the window. We can help you get those budgets up and running so that managing money becomes way easier.

We also help with; Studylink processes, WINZ and IRD and access to hardship grants and emergency funds to assist in times of financial hardship. Students are also able to access the OUSA Student Support foodbank service.

Queer Support

We want Otago to have the most inclusive campus in Aotearoa, and the world. We recognise that often your student years are ones where you are exploring your identities.

Our Queer Support Coordinator offers one-on-one support including; confidential chats, peer support, events and education for staff and students. We also offer resources, groups, and training/professional development to staff and students. Our dedicated Queer Support Coordinator is here to help you with anything related to gender or sexuality.


Not feeling safe on campus, in your flat, or perhaps you have concerns about someone you know? We can assist you in these situations and help facilitate the processes necessary to ensure you feel secure.


Life is about more than just studying and we recognise this. Problems sleeping, healthy eating, life stress getting you down? We take a holistic view and are here to help.

We also provide access to counselling and a safe space when things are getting too much. Nothing is off limits: sexual violence, harassments, and family issues, you name it we are here to help and everything is completely confidential.

Our resident support dog, Ella, is also available for love and hugs when you just want some quiet space or you are missing your own pooch at home.


We are the experts on everything flatting related and we want you to be too. We believe everyone should know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to renting. The Flatting tab provides some really important information about flatting in Dunedin.

Perhaps you are having some issues with your flatmates, or the flat you have is really cold and damp. Maybe you are looking for a flat and don’t know where to begin! We can help in all aspects of flatting and tenancy; we can even come and have a look through any potential flats with you.

If you need any flatting or tenancy assistance, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us.