DIY Face Mask #1

by Beth Tua’I

Ok, so Delta has dawned and we need face masks to go anywhere now – all good, we’ve got this, and for you, I’ve got a quick tutorial for the SIMPLIST face mask! 

You need: fabric (about 50cm x 50cm) and 2x hair ties. 

Step 1: Take your piece of fabric and place right side (patterned/picture side) down.  

Step 2: Fold in half. 

Step 3: Fold top third down, and bottom third up. 

Step 4: Place hair ties (or rubber bands) about 15cm apart. 

Step 5: Fold each side to the middle. 

Step 6: Pop it on your face and you’re done! (The hair ties can just be adjusted to be closer together, or further apart, depending what is comfortable/what fits your face best) 

Tips: you don’t need to go and buy any fabric. Well like, go for it if you want, but there are bits of fabric on hand everywhere; repurpose an old t-shirt/ top or use a pillowcase that is surplus to requirements. If you do want to buy some fabric – op shops have cute off cuts (like the piece I used) and there are also some insanely gorgeous fabrics if you want to go fancy asf and go to an actual fabric store to purchase. Hot tip on top of this tip – tightly woven, 100% cotton is best to use for masks such as this. 

Keep an eye out for additional DIY face mask ideas to come! 

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