Class Reps

We all know uni can be difficult and lectures often feel like you are walking through a minefield. That’s why Class Reps are so important! Class Representatives are a vital link between the University and students.  

A Class Reps role has the immense privilege of effecting change in the quality of learning and teaching for you and your class. As well as this, Class Reps will personally benefit from the training and experience of being an advocate and a spokesperson on behalf of their peers.  

Extra perks: 

  • Departmental acknowledgement: Department and faculty staff and OUSA value Class Representatives. Individual departments have different ways of communicating their appreciation to reps.  
  • OUSA reference letter: OUSA will provide opportunities for training and we also provide a reference letter for your CV.  
  • Professional development and personal growth: The skills you will gain as a Class Rep include decision-making, communication, negotiation, organisation, delegation and advocacy. OUSA will provide opportunities for further training and professional development. 

Find your Class Rep

Students and academic staff can find out who the registered Class Rep/s are for their paper here:

To enquire about Class Reps, please contact  

Here are a few helpful resources so you can be the best Class Rep!