Peer Support

The Peer Support Programme is a voluntary assistance programme, designed to assist students with any concerns they have regarding personal or study life. Peer Supporters are student volunteers who offer support based on the principles of listening, sharing experiences, and having an equal relationship rather than providing expert or clinical advice. It is about making a connection with someone who has been there before, who offers support based on life experience.

Based on the concepts of aroha and whanaungatanga, the Peer Support Programme is designed to assist in providing students an opportunity to establish trusting relationships with peers to support them to develop their relationship skills, self-esteem and sense of belonging.   

To refer a student to receive Peer Support, please complete this form:

If you are interested in using our Peer Support service pop in for a chat or email us:

If you have any feedback about our Peer Support service please contact the Peer Support Coordinator at  Alternatively, you may contact the OUSA Student Support Manager