We can’t hit up the shops for our new season kicks so here are a couple of options to spruce up what you’ve got.

Shoe/Lace Cleaning

You’d be surprised how darn good your old sneakers can look with a good clean. Start by removing the laces, soak in warm water and then hit them with a scrubbing brush (an old toothbrush if you don’t have one) and a failproof paste. That is six tablespoons of baking soda and three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, you could use vinegar, lemon or bleach. Note this is for white shoes and a test spot is always recommended.

Shoe Lace Tying

Shoelaces are a strange accessory, but they are just that! They have the unique capability of transforming a dull pair of sneakers into something fresh and unique. Believe it or not there are well over 1000 variations to tie your shoes (depending on the number of eyelets you have). We’ve listed a couple of our favourites below:


Shoe Lace Dying

Want to go the extra mile? Have a go at dying your shoe-laces with food colouring or markers. 

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