Bottle Cap Wind Chime

We asked you what you had lying around your flats and we were inundated with the response of bottles. While this doesn’t require bottles we figure bottles and bottle caps go hand and hand.

There is an “ideal” tutorial here but you may not have all the resources. So, we’ve loosely re-worked below for a “number eight wire” version.

What you’ll need:

1. Bottle caps

2. Something to adjoin said caps e.g. string and tape, string and blue tack, string and hot glue. Don’t have string? Improvise. You’re a scarfie, you can do it.

3. An empty tin can 


1. Adjoin your bottle caps. Aim for a distance of 2 – 3cm (those bad boys need to #selfisolate)

2. Attach your bottle cap chains to your tin can (again some ingenuity may be required here). You could tape or stick or tie (if you’re able to piece some holes in). Paper clips may come in handy here too! Please be safe with any attempts to piece with a nail and substitute hammer (the last thing we need is OUSA getting a bad rep for sending you down to A&E)

3. Hang your masterpiece