Keeping Iso Interesting

Recreation Insights From Clubs and Socs

Isolation is rough! You’re confined to a small space, your “me time” is compromised, getting essentials is tricky a*f, AND you’re still trying to manage study and your health (and all round wellbeing).

For many boredom is less of a thing than maintaining ones sanity and sense of normality. Recreation is certainly a boredom buster, but’s its value is far more reaching. We won’t give you the full spiel i.e. connection, physiological, psychological, blah blah blah as know it’s legit and that you grapple that notion.

What we will emphasis is the importance of putting time aside for whatever it is that makes you feel good . Because we are aware it’s super easy to de-prioritise recreation in favour of “more important things”. What you choose is really up to you, there’s no right or wrong only opportunity.

We’ve put together some ideas in this section. Remember, you’re the expect in what brings you joy so have fun with it, get creative and recreate.

Hashtag your shenanigans #comeplayousa and at the end of semester one, we’ll fund one lucky student a free recreation activity in semester two.

Once you’ve made bail from iso we’d love to see you in person, at the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre.  We’ve got some amazing clubs for you to join and an amazing collection of activities under the Recreation Programme 

We’ll see you soon!