We understand that it’s tough living on a student income, especially when unexpected circumstances throw your budget out the window. We support students with budgeting and financial hardship, click here to find out more.

Are you experiencing unexpected financial difficulty? The OUSA Student Hardship Fund can help you out of a tight spot. It is open to domestic, international, full-time and part-time students of the University of Otago. If your application is successful, the Hardship Fund will provide a one-off payment up to $250. Apply here.

The fund is designed to be flexible and each case is considered carefully. The fund will not consider paying fines (parking/disciplinary fines through the University/legal fines) or arrears with finance companies.

The OUSA food bank is available to students who are facing hardship and unable to acquire groceries. Please only request this service if it is needed as it is a limited service. Click here to apply – Food Bank Application .

Other Assistance Requests

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