Landlord’s Right of Entry and Inspections

The landlord might own the house but it’s your flat and your home. You have a right to peace and privacy. Landlords and property managers need to give the right amount of notice before coming into the house, but they can enter the grounds without notice if they have a valid reason.

For inspections: Landlords have to give between 48 hours and 14 days’ notice before an inspection. Inspections should be at least 4 weeks apart, unless there was an issue with the last inspection that needs a re-inspection.

For necessary repairs or maintenance: The landlord has to give 24 hours’ notice for repairs or maintenance, these have to be necessary, they can’t give notice to do cosmetic renovations – in this case landlords and tenants have to reach an agreement.

Landlords can only give notice to enter the property between 8am and 7pm, unless you agree otherwise.

Open homes and flat viewing: The landlord cannot give notice to show people around the flat, they have to agree on a time with you. You can’t unreasonably withhold consent but you can request reasonable boundaries about timing, frequency, and length.

Quiet enjoyment: You are entitled to live in your home in reasonable peace, comfort, and privacy. This means landlords can’t knock on your door at unreasonable times or with unreasonable frequency, or harass you in any way. They also can’t make stipulations about how you live (e.g. having visitors) as long as you aren’t causing damage or interfering with your neighbours’ right to quiet enjoyment.