Please see the Ministry of Health’s website for comprehensive information on COVID-19:

Importantly: If you need medical assistance, call Student Health and tell them you have COVID-19 or are a close or household contact OR call the COVID-19 Healthline on 0800 VIRUS19 (0800 847 8719).

If you need urgent medical help or are having difficulties breathing, call 111 immediately.

Need Kai? OUSA Student Support have an isolation food and care package available to students in isolation, with contactless delivery. You can order this through the link below or contacting us on 0800 101 223.

Albany Street Pharmacy Delivery

Thanks to the team at Albany Street Pharmacy, you can now order over the counter meds online. Order before 3PM for free delivery within 24 hours – does not include prescription medication.

Isolating with Flatmates

If you have COVID-19 or a flatmate has COVID-19, you are ALL required to self-isolate.

This means staying at home and having NO contact with anyone in the outside community – that’s right, you can’t go anywhere including uni, work, over to your friends’ flats and you can’t have any visitors till all the flatmates have the ‘all clear’.

When self-isolating in your flat – try and limit contact with each other as much as is possible. When together, mask up and keep 1.5m apart when in shared spaces; sleep alone; sanitise hands and surfaces regularly; use your own dishes, cutlery, towels etc; ventilate rooms – open windows!

You can get some practical advice from the Covid-19 Healthline on 0800 VIRUS19 (0800 847 8719) or by contacting us on 0800 121 023 or One of our Student Support Advocates can help you and your flat find some workable solutions to issues you face.

Drawing up some ground rules as a flat as to how you are going to manage this complex situation, our flatting agreement template (below) may be a useful starting point. Make sure everyone is involved in these decisions.

You will all have to think about:

  • Getting over COVID-19 – supporting each other’s recovery
  • Rosters & rules sharing spaces – bathroom, kitchen, laundry, outside for exercise
  • Shopping & delivery of supplies – food, medications, essential items
  • Access to sufficient internet, power
  • Looking out for each other’s wellbeing
  • Getting enough exercise and eating well
  • Having some fun, in the midst of all the disruption
  • Keeping up with your studies
  • Finances – if unable to work to supplement your student loan/allowance.

Some tips to make self-isolation easier for you as a flat:

  • Stay in contact (not literally!) with each other – online or 1.5m distanced check-ins, especially with those who are unwell.
  • COMMUNICATE with each other…
  • Plan some fun things to do ‘together’ such as zoom catch ups, games, movie nights, yoga sessions, meet outside.
  • Do surprise take-away nights. Take turns to order and deliver to each other’s bedroom door!
  • Maybe this is the time for a My Food Bag or Hello Fresh box of goodies for the flat?
  • Order food and essential supplies online and get them delivered or family and friends may be able to collect and deliver for you. Try and co-ordinate this together as a flat and identify a safe drop-off point outside.