Need to Know


If you are required to go into isolation, there are a few things to consider in order to be prepared;

  • When isolating you may not leave your home. You cannot have visitors in your home while isolating.
  • You also need to limit the contact you have with others you live with. Limit the amount of time spent in shared spaces, and when out of your own space (i.e. bedroom), wear a mask and keep a distance from others.
  • Sharing items with others in your household is not allowed – including towels and dishes.
  • Keep everything clean! Clean/disinfect surface and frequently touched areas often. This includes; door handles, light switches and phones.
  • Fresh air is key!! Frequently have windows open so fresh air can flow inside.
  • Consider who will drop off supplies to you? These will need to be delivered contactless and just left at the door.
  • What if one of your flatmates is unwell? It is possible all other flatmates will have to isolate and be tested as well. It may pay to have a conversation about this as a flat to make sure everyone is on the same page and equally prepared.

Isolation Food and Care Package

OUSA Student Support is delivering food and care packages to students who are currently in isolation. Please complete the form below if you require a package. Please contact or phone 0800 12 10 23 if you require any additional assistance.

Pharmacy Delivery

Thanks to the team at Albany Street Pharmacy, you can now order over the counter meds online. Order before 3PM for free delivery within 24 hours – does not include prescription medication. Click here to order now >>

Christchurch Campus

There is a local support process available for students based in Christchurch who need care;


There are many places around New Zealand where you can get vaccinated without an appointment. Use the interactive map on the Karawhiua website to find a vaccination centre near you. To find walk-in and drive-through centres, choose your location, the day that suits you and ‘Vax now’ as your appointment type.

Teaching on Campus

The University has announced that lectures will be online for the beginning on Semester 1, face to face learning opportunities will be provided where public health guidelines can be followed e.g. tutorials, labs, field trips. Small group teaching/small classes are able to continue face to face at this point. Teaching and learning methods will be in place for staff and students who are sick or need to isolate.


The OUSA Student Support Hardship Fund is available for students to apply for if they are experiencing significant and acute financial hardship. Each application is considered by a panel who expect to provide your response within 48 hours. The university’s Putea Tautoko Student Relief Fund is able to provide larger grants to students affected by COVID-19 and can be applied to through eVision.


If you have concerns about your flatting situation, please get in touch with us. We are experts in everything related to flatting so can support you through any situation. Please contact us on 0800 12 10 23 or You can also book an appointment via our Hub


If you are in an unsafe place or are worried about someone, whether it’s due to your living situation, relationship or something else, please reach out as we are still here to help;


We know restrictions due to Covid-19 can be tough, and everyone will be experiencing it in different ways and facing their own challenges. We are here for you. There are no problems too big or too small, we are here for you, even if you just need to chat.

Contact us via phone, 0800 12 10 23, email us, or book an appointment online

Other services available to students include;


We need to assume the virus is in our community across the country, on our campuses and in our University community.

Anyone who has symptoms must get tested – the health and wellbeing of the University and our wider community depends on this.

Please follow this link for more information on RAT testing (including requesting and reporting these).


Well-fitted, at least three-layer, reusable masks, or disposable surgical masks, are required to be worn by students in all public indoor spaces on campus, including during lectures, laboratories and tutorials. Please be aware that masks are mandatory unless an exemption applies. Staff are able to ask if you have an exemption if you are not wearing a mask. Lecturers who are at least 2m away from classes may remove their masks while teaching. Please, wear a mask, scan in and practice social distancing whenever necessary.